Broadcast Trials

Dolby supports partners throughout the year
to bring innovation to the market.

Dolby AC-4 over DVB

European national broadcasters
A major French tennis tournament streamed to mobile devices with immersive audio through Dolby AC-4.

RTVE and Cellnex Telecom’s permanent UHD DVB-T2 trial channel uses Dolby AC-4. RTVE broadcast the Change of the Royal Guard live from the Royal Palace in Dolby AC-4 and Dolby Vision.

European Broadcasting Union groundbreaking high frame rate UHD broadcast trial featured immersive and personalised audio experiences with Dolby AC-4.

Dolby AC-4 over ATSC 3.0

Phoenix Model Market
Phoenix Model Market launched their first
next-generation television channel with Dolby AC-4.

WRAL-TV, NBC Universal, and NAB Showcase Next Gen TV
broadcasted Winter Olympic Games with Dolby AC-4.

Dolby AC-4 on NRJ

NRJ conducted broadcast tests for UHD 4K, HDR and Dolby AC-4 over DTTV in Paris and other regions across France (as well as by satellite) on three DTTV channels over two weeks. The first service was in UHD 4K HDR HLG 50p (over 24 Mbps high-speed broadband), the second and third in HD+ 1080p50 HDR HLG at different, lower rates. NRJ combined each of these video flows with a stereophonic audio component coded in Dolby AC-4.

The purpose was to test the video quality over different encoding bitrates as well as the interoperability of video and audio flows with televisions available on the market. After these accomplishments, on the last day of the test, an immersive and multi-language flow was also successfully broadcast on channel 81 in AC-4 and Dolby Vision.

Now we know that as well as the video, many of the 2017 and 2018 TV models sold in France (LG, Samsung, Philips, etc.) are compatible with an AC-4 transmission, in stereo and in immersive or multiple language formats. Many 2019 television models will also support AC-4.

More to come…