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NorDig Unified Specification 3.1

NorDig Unified Specification 3.1

NorDig releases a new update of the NorDig Unified Requirements IRD specification, which among things adds Next Generation Audio (NGA) technical IRD requirements in addition to previous requirements.

NorDig’s new NGA audio requirements together with previous specified HEVC video and DVB TTML subtitling requirements, now makes the requirements complete for the reception of HEVC-based services, all according to DVB specifications.

Main updates in NorDig Unified Requirements version 3.1 compared to previous version 3.0 are:

NGA decoding for NorDig HEVC IRDs based upon the Dolby AC-4 audio codec

HbbTV update to v2.0.2

Additional security requirements for HEVC based services based upon CI+ ECP

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